Sweepstakes and contests are a tried-and-true method for companies to engage with their audience and promote their products. While cash, vacations, and cars are among the most common prizes, some companies have taken a more unconventional route. Let’s journey through some of the most bizarre sweepstakes prizes ever offered.

1. An Island of Your Own

Yes, you read that right. A private island! In 2016, Snickers held a sweepstakes where the main prize was an actual private island located in the Caribbean or a cash alternative. The island was valued at a whopping $50,000. One wonders about the challenges of island ownership, but the allure of an escape was undeniable.

2. A Life-size Edible Version of Yourself

To promote their 3D printing technology, Dylan’s Candy Bar, in partnership with Katjes Magic Candy, launched a contest where the winner would get a life-sized replica of themselves made entirely out of gummy candy. Sweet success, indeed!

3. A Night Inside the Iconic Blimp

Goodyear’s iconic blimp is instantly recognizable in the sky. In 2016, Goodyear ran a sweepstakes where winners could spend a night inside the gondola of the blimp. While it remained grounded, it’s not every day you get to sleep in an airship!

4. A Melted Snowman

Yes, it was just water. In a quirky promotional stunt, a company once offered the “remains” of a melted snowman as a sweepstakes prize. The winner received a vial of water, perhaps making it the most understated prize in sweepstakes history.

5. A Trip to ‘Mars’

Amid the buzz of potential Mars missions, Bud Light ran a sweepstakes in 2016 where the winner would get a trip to “Mars.” The catch? This ‘Mars’ was a tiny town in Pennsylvania, not the Red Planet. A clever twist on expectations!

6. Your Weight in…Coal?

In a cheeky nod to the Christmas tradition where naughty children receive coal, a company once ran a holiday sweepstakes where the winner would receive their weight in coal. While not as delightful as other prizes, it sure was memorable!

7. A Forever Nap

In perhaps one of the most macabre sweepstakes ever, a Serbian funeral company offered a free burial service as a prize. Participants had to submit a humorous obituary for themselves. Dark humor for the win!

8. A Potato Portrait

In 2017, the game company Cards Against Humanity ran a peculiar Black Friday promotion. Winners received a portrait of themselves painted on a potato. As for the reason? It’s as bizarre as the prize itself.

9. Rent Paid with Coins

A sweepstakes by Dr. Pepper promised to pay a year’s worth of rent for the winner. However, the twist was that the rent would be paid entirely in coins. The winner reportedly received over 1.3 million coins, weighing about 7 tons!

10. Gorilla Named After You

A UK-based charity offered a truly unique prize to raise awareness for endangered gorillas. The winner got the honor of having a baby gorilla named after them. A charming way to create a lasting legacy!

11. Lifetime Supply of Mustard

French’s once ran a sweepstakes offering a lifetime supply of mustard to the winner. While mustard enthusiasts might relish the idea, one can’t help but wonder how much mustard a person can consume in their lifetime.

12. Bacon-Scented Alarm Clock

To promote its bacon products, Oscar Mayer launched a sweepstakes where winners received an iPhone attachment that emitted the smell of bacon as an alarm. For bacon lovers, it was a dream come true, waking up to the aroma of their favorite treat.

13. Become a Virtual Game Character

Video game sweepstakes sometimes offer the opportunity to become a character in the game. For avid gamers, this can be a thrilling prospect – living on forever in a digital realm.

14. Cheese Sculpture of Yourself

In one of the oddest uses of dairy, Cheetos once offered a contest where the prize was a sculpture of the winner, made entirely out of Cheetos cheese. A cheesy way to immortalize oneself, indeed!

15. A Haunting Experience

A radio station once ran a sweepstakes where winners got the chance to stay overnight in one of the most haunted places in the US, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Not for the faint of heart!